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Foundation Club

What is the Foundation Club?

Someone once said, “Dues are the rent you pay for the space you occupy in the industry.” So, if Dues are the rent, then Foundation Club is the leasehold improvement. Your Association is a better Association because of Foundation Club support that allows us to do the following:

Image Improvement
Through public relations efforts like our Home Builders Care projects, our scholarship program and donations to local charitable projects, we can make strides toward changing the public image of the building industry from a caricature to a true picture. We are members of our communities and we care about community problems. Our scholarship program is a 100% return to members of our community. We can devote the time and effort to make these efforts successful because we have Foundation Club backing us up in other areas.

Professional Training
Our industry suffers from a high turnover rate and an expensive learning curve. Through seminars, we are able to improve the technical and business expertise our members possess, making them more successful and our industry more sound. Foundation Club funds make it possible to put on many of our seminars without bothersome calls for event sponsorships.

Industry Awareness
Consumer education, weekly publication of our bulletins and briefings, operation of our website, direct mailing of information requested by potential clients and homeowners, assembly and dissemination of economic information that is focused on our market and our business all increase our operating costs. Considering and planning for the future may make the difference to the survival of a business. We are an organization dedicated to providing education, awareness, information and tools for the success of our membership.

Regulatory Representation
When we are faced almost weekly with the leadership of the municipalities and counties seeking new ways to limit growth on the Outer Banks through more and more regulations, including proposals for increased or additional fees, increased open space, decreased lot coverage, taxes, additions to the existing building codes, more rigid zoning ordinances and the use of moratoria that will all serve to drive up the cost of construction… how are we able to keep up? The Foundation Club provides some of the support that is needed to answer these challenges with employment of a governmental affairs specialist.

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